Increases to Visa Application Charges  

Following release of the 2015-16 Commonwealth Budget, the Government is introducing an  increase, effective from 1 July 2015, to a number of Visa Application Charges (VACs).

The proposed adjustments to the VACs, which come into effect on 1 July 2015,  include:·     

  • A price increase in line with inflation (2.3%) to specific visas within the Permanent Migration Skill Stream, Skilled Graduate, Temporary Long Stay Business (Subclass 457), Visitor and Student visa streams.
  • A 5% price increase to specific visas within the Temporary Resident Short Term Business and Entertainment visas, Working Holiday visas, Resident Return and Retirement Investor visas, and Contributory Parent visa streams.
  • A 10% price increase on specific visas within the Other Family (Remaining Relative, Carer and Aged Dependent Relative) visas, and (non-contributory) Parent visa streams where the underlying demand is not expected to be impacted by the price increase.
  • A 50% increase to the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) stream in the permanent migration skill stream category.
  • An alignment of VAC prices for onshore and offshore applications for specific visa subclasses. 
  • Electronic Travel Authorities (ETA), eVisitor and Refugee and Humanitarian visas will not be affected.  


Common visas such as 457 and Employer Sponsored Residency will incur minimal increases of around $40-$60. The most significant change comes for those applicants applying for a Partner visa offshore. The price for an offshore partner visa will increase from $4630 up to $6865. We recommend people to get in fast if you are considering applying for offshore partner visas to try to beat this hefty price increase. 

A detailed summary of all the price changes are available on the department’s website at:

When you lodge an application to the Department, it's very rare for you to get a refund if you have made a mistake and need to lodge your application again. You should carefullyconsider using a Registered Migration Agent for your application to minimise the risk of losing your application charges.

Milestone Migration is a registered migration agent (MARN: 0801338) with staff in Perth and the Philippines and would be more than happy to discuss your visa requirements. Call Kate or Ian on (08) 94636624 to discuss your visa needs.