• From 23rd November 2013, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (“DIBP”) will introduce Labour Market Testing (“LMT”) under reforms to the 457 visa program introduced to Parliament on June 28th 2013, prior to the change of government.
  • Credit Card Surcharge Fees Now Apply
    Posted: Thu, May 8th 2014, 10:37

    The Department of Immigration & Border Protection have fomally announced the implementation of a surcharge to be applied to all payments made through credit cards for Australian visa application fees. The amount of the surcharge will depend on the credit card that is used.
  • Increases to Visa Application Charges
    Posted: Thu, May 28th 2015, 09:50

    From 1st July 2015 the Department of Immigration will increase Visa Application Charges for people wanting visas for Australia. Contact us now to get your application in before the price increases hit.