For many years, multinational companies – including leading Australian companies – have been outsourcing operations and services to the Philippines. Milestone Migration’s sister company, CLEAR Corporate Solutions PH Inc is a specialist in outsourcing solutions for Australian businesses.

CLEAR Corporate Solutions’ Outsourcing Relationship Management (ORM) now makes the benefits of outsourcing accessible to Australian businesses of all sizes. Their Manila-based management team is led by an Australian national and has worked extensively with outsourced Australian operations.

CLEAR can tailor an ORM solution to the unique needs of your operation: from a single resource for a specific project to a permanent migration of multiple positions and functions. CLEAR will assist you to improve the productivity of your Australian operations and to realise a significant reduction in operating costs. CLEAR can also help you build flexibility into your business and expand operations at lower cost and with fewer risks.

To learn more about CLEAR and their services they offer, contact CLEAR today.