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Why Should I become an Australian Citizen?

Some permanent visa holders don’t see the value in becoming an Australian citizen. However, Citizenship has its advantages over being a Permanent Resident. In this article we’ll go few the main reasons why you would consider it. 

To have an Australian Passport

The Australian passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. You can travel to around 160 countries without a visa. For some nationalities – this passport will mean you can move more freely around the world.

No need for Resident Return Visas

As a permanent resident, you need to obtain a resident return visas every 5 years to travel. As an Australian Citizen, you can come and go from Australia without the need to consider your re-entry visa.

Your Permanent Residency can be Cancelled

One of the biggest risk factors as a Permanent Resident is that your visa can be cancelled and you will be forced to leave Australia.

You may be a law-abiding person, but accidents can happen. There has been some very sad stories of individuals being found at fault in a car accident that resulted in someone’s death and even though they have lived in Australia for decades, they have lost their visa and were deported from Australia. Their whole world was turned upside down due to an accident that lead to a character-based visa cancellation which would never have happened if they had converted to Australian citizenship.

Work in federal government jobs or for the defence force

Being an Australian citizen can also improve your job prospects. Some government agencies can only hire you if you are an Australian citizen.

Receive HECS – HELP Loans to support university studies

As a Citizen, you may be eligible to receive HECS – HELP Loans to support university study and make it affordable to further your education in Australia.

Live and Work in NZ

An Australian passport will allow you to freely live and work in New Zealand without having to meet complicated visa requirements.


Whilst not as important for some people, citizenship will give you the right to vote in Australian and State elections, allowing you to evoke your democratic right to decide Australia’s leaders.

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