Milestone Migration

Working visa holders in Australia are required to lodge a tax return

Tax time is here! The Australian Taxation Office has information in languages other than English to help people from non-English speaking backgrounds understand tax and superannuation (super) in Australia. A reminder that working visa holders also needs to lodge a tax return. Some people may even get some money paid back to them if they […]

Keep your emails secure #ActNowStaySecure

The Department of Home Affairs is reminding applicants to make sure they have strong email security in place. You must protect your data and avoid compromising your email accounts. Cybercriminals can use any information they can get to impersonate you or someone you know. They can get you involved in fraud, especially by using your […]

2022 VAC refunds for international students and backpackers now available

Early this year, the Australian Government announced a VAC Refunds Scheme in the hopes to attract around 150,000 students and 23,500 backpackers who are still outside Australia, to help fill critical worker shortages. Fully vaccinated Student (Subclass 500) or Working Holiday Maker (Subclass 417 or 462) visa holders who travelled to Australia within the specified […]

Government increases all Australian Visa application charges by 3%

Following Australia’s Migration Amendment Regulations 2022, the Government has also increased all Visa Application Charges (VACs) from their 2021‑22 baseline amounts by the 2022-23 forecast Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 3.00 per cent. Visa applications lodged on or after July 1st 2022 are subject to higher charges. VAC is the amount of money in Australian […]

Government releases new 485 Visa Replacement Stream requirements

Another exciting news for Temporary Graduate (SC 485) visa holders! To clarify the new SC 485 Replacement stream requirements, the Department has introduced Migration Amendment (Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate) Visa Replacement Stream and Other Measures) Regulations 2022 – F2022L00845. Applicants for the new SC 485 Replacement stream can now apply from inside or outside Australia […]