Milestone Migration

Eligible New Zealanders can now apply directly for Australian citizenship

New Zealanders are taking advantage of a new opportunity to become Australian citizens shortly after the Albanese government made changes to the migration system. Now, New Zealanders can apply for Australian citizenship directly after living in Australia for four years, without having to become permanent residents first. This change is welcomed by many as it […]

Submitting false English test results will cause visa application refusal

Meeting the English requirements is often a requirement for you to obtain a visa to remain in Australia. Lately – we have noticed an increase in scams and activity that result in fabricated or falsified English test results being provided in order to meet the minimum English requirements to be eligible for a particular visa. […]

No income requirements for PR Subclass 191 visa applications

The Department of Home Affairs has recently clarified that there is no minimum income requirement for the subclass 191 Permanent Residence visa (Skilled Regional).  There is no minimum income threshold for applicants for the Sc 191 eligibility. This is the visa that provisional subclass 491 and 494 visa holders convert to once they are eligible for permanent residency. […]

Increased savings now required for Australian student visa applications

The Australian Government has recently increased the savings requirement for International Students applying for a Subclass 500 Student visa in Australia or from overseas. This change, effective from October 1, 2023, is the first update since 2019 and is necessary due to increased living expenses. Starting October 1st, student visa applicants must demonstrate a minimum savings of […]

Visa applications from Healthcare or Teaching Occupations now prioritised by the Department

​Australia is currently prioritising applications concerning healthcare and teaching occupations according to the new Ministerial Direction No 100 that came into effect on 28 October 2022. This also includes offshore permanent and provisional applications to allow more workers to enter Australia and ease critical workforce shortages. Due to the high volume of applications, the Department […]

Australian Visa Application Charges have increased

​Visitors and migrants now have to pay more for their Australian visa application fees. The government has announced a price hike starting July 1st on its latest budget paper to help improve visa processing and “other government priorities”. “Visa Application Costs (VACs) will increase by six percentage points for visa applications, as well as an […]

Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia to nominate more skilled workers for 2022-23

​The Department of Home Affairs has made minor adjustments to state allocations for Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia as the Albanese government is determined to meet its permanent migration intake target for 2022-2023. Victoria has received an additional 1,400 places for the Skilled Nominated category (Subclass 190) making it the state with the highest number of allocations for […]

Expanded PR pathways available for TSS 482 visa holders by the end of 2023

​On 27 April 2023, the Albanese Government shared a media release announcing the expanded PR pathways for all Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) (subclass 482) visa holders within its existing capped permanent program. By the end of 2023, the Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream of the Employer Nomination Scheme SC 186 will be amended. “Providing pathways to permanent residency for […]

Variation to the FNQ DAMA allows more applications from foreign workers

​Far North Queensland region (FNQ) is ready to welcome foreign workers looking for long-term full-time jobs with pathways to permanent residence in a wide range of occupations! The variation to the FNQ Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) has commenced. An updated version of the FNQ occupations, concessions list and information guides are available on the Cairns Chamber […]

South Australia’s 2022-23 GSM program to prioritise nominations for skilled migrants

​South Australia’s 2022-23 GSM program has originally been given 8000 nomination places for the visa subclasses 190 and 491. The Department of Home Affairs has recently given 800 more places for the state to meet the targets for the ongoing program year. South Australia has also released an updated skilled occupation list. The list outlines the skills SA’s […]