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Australia’s new Prime Minister recommends pay increase for low wage workers

Australia’s new Prime Minister recommends pay increase for low wage workers

Source: @albomp | The Hon Anthony Albanese MP was sworn in as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia on 23 May 2022.

The now-Prime Minister Anthony Albanese submitted a proposal for a pay increase of at least 5.1% for minimum wage workers – which could be a $1 increase to the hourly minimum wage.

He has signed his Government’s submission yesterday to the wage authority – the Fair Work Commission, recommending Australia’s minimum wage workers not go backwards.

“Workers on the minimum wage deserve a pay rise… Rising costs are putting real pressure on family budgets. And these costs are harder to meet because of a decade of deliberate decisions by the previous government to keep wages low. My Government wants more Australians to be able to get ahead,” Mr Albanese stated on his social media posts.

This month, the Fair Work Commission will consider its decision on wages for 2022. The new centre-left Labor government’s proposal could help raise the salary of the minimum wage workers from A$20.33 ($14.77) an hour.

Employment and Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke said that this recommendation is not only for minimum wage workers but also for low-paid workers. Most of them are shop assistants, cleaners, and care workers who are likely to suffer pay cuts due to inflation.

Reserve Bank of Australia predicts that inflation could hit 6% this year. Low-paid workers who are usually females under 30 years of age and employed on a casual basis will need the government’s support the most.

Check the New Australian Government Submission to the Fair Work Commission Annual Wage Review 2022 here.

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