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Department of Home Affairs cautions visa applicants about scammers

Department of Home Affairs cautions visa applicants about scammers

​The Australian Department of Home Affairs has warned about several scam calls appearing to come from one of its hotline numbers. Any calls from 02 6289 1555 are a scam.

According to the reports received by ACCC’s Scamwatch, scammers are using new technology by making the call appear to come from an organisation’s legitimate phone number.

They can also send a text that appears in the same conversation thread as the original organisation’s messages.

These scammers often target vulnerable people, such as newly arrived migrants or the elderly.

If a departmental officer gives you a call, ask them to confirm your file number or your application lodgement date first, before letting them ask you for information to progress your application.

They should never ask for:

  • Credit card information
  • Banking details
  • ImmiAccount password
  • Payment over the phone

Scammers may also threaten you with arrest. If you receive this call — hang up immediately.

Help stop the scams from spreading by reporting them to ACCC’s Scamwatch. Visit their website for more information.

Talk to a migration agent if you are not sure about your visa application. Our registered migration agents can also be found in the Department of Home Affairs Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

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