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Submitting false English test results will cause visa application refusal

Submitting false English test results will cause visa application refusal

Meeting the English requirements is often a requirement for you to obtain a visa to remain in Australia.

Lately – we have noticed an increase in scams and activity that result in fabricated or falsified English test results being provided in order to meet the minimum English requirements to be eligible for a particular visa.

Immigration authorities take the falsification of documents seriously. It is illegal behaviour that can lead to criminal charges, fines, and even imprisonment. But in terms of your visa application – the English test results are checked and validated by the assessing authority.

If you change your documents or someone ‘creates’ the document for you – you will not pass the verification and your visa will be refused due to providing false documents. You will also lose all the money you paid to us and the government since there are no refunds.

We would like to remind applicants that submitting false English test results will lead to refusal of your application, and will be permanently recorded as a character issue on your immigration record.

It is important to respect the immigration process, follow ethical practices, and present genuine credentials to increase the chances of a successful visa application and a brighter future in Australia.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to English testing. You need to put in the hard work and pass the test.

Be very careful of scammers who try to promise you results without you actually doing the test.

Talk to a migration agent if you are unsure about your visa application. Our registered migration agents can also be found in the Department of Home Affairs Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

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The information provided is for general use only and should NOT be taken as Migration Advice. For information about your circumstances, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Milestone Migration for immigration assistance.

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