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The Australian Government offers support for domestic violence survivors

The Australian Government offers support for domestic violence survivors

Australia is stepping up its efforts to help victim-survivors of domestic and family violence through more support initiatives.

Recent data shows that domestic violence is still a big problem in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), one in six women and one in sixteen men have experienced physical or sexual violence from a partner since they were 15.

Domestic violence affects people from all backgrounds, but migrants can have extra trouble getting help because of language and cultural differences.

The Australian government is also trying to help visa holders who experience domestic violence. In the year up to March 2023, 431 permanent partner visas were given to people who claimed they were victims of family violence.

If you’re experiencing domestic violence, you can get a protection order or call the police (000) in an emergency.

Some organizations can help you with counselling, support, and practical things like housing, money, food, and medical help.

Most helplines are free from landlines, payphones, and many mobile phones. But remember, the number you call might show up on your phone bill.

One confidential service you can contact is 1800RESPECT. They offer help and support 24/7 at 1800 737 732.

If you need an interpreter, you can get free help from the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National by calling 131 450 anytime.

For information on Australia’s laws regarding domestic and family violence, sexual assault and forced marriage, and a woman’s right to safety, see the Department of Social Services’ Family Safety Pack.

You can also find a list of national and state/territory service providers by clicking here.

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