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Variation to the FNQ DAMA allows more applications from foreign workers

Variation to the FNQ DAMA allows more applications from foreign workers

​Far North Queensland region (FNQ) is ready to welcome foreign workers looking for long-term full-time jobs with pathways to permanent residence in a wide range of occupations!

The variation to the FNQ Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) has commenced. An updated version of the FNQ occupations, concessions list and information guides are available on the Cairns Chamber of Commerce website.

To help manage regional skill shortages, DAMAs allow employers in that region to access positions that may not typically be available for sponsorship.

They also make eligibility concessions available on work experience, English language, and age requirements allowing a wider range of possibilities for workers to get Permanent Residency if working in that region for a DAMA employer.

The FNQ DAMA operates under a Labour Agreement framework which is generally valid for five years and can be varied during its lifetime, including adding more occupations/positions.

The Cairns Chamber of Commerce has also announced an Employer Labour Agreement Variation on 24 March 2023.

“For variations to an existing FNQ DAMA employer labour agreement, it is no longer necessary for employers (or their agent) to complete a template or pro-forma for the Labour Agreement Section. The DAR (Cairns Chamber of Commerce) endorsement is sufficient to initiate their assessment of a variation request.”

Employers must first be endorsed by the Cairns Chamber of Commerce as the Designated Area Representative (DAR) before they can access an FNQ DAMA Labour Agreement.

If you are an employer, we can help review your business and its eligibility under the new agreement.

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