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Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia to nominate more skilled workers for 2022-23

Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia to nominate more skilled workers for 2022-23

​The Department of Home Affairs has made minor adjustments to state allocations for Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia as the Albanese government is determined to meet its permanent migration intake target for 2022-2023.

Victoria has received an additional 1,400 places for the Skilled Nominated category (Subclass 190) making it the state with the highest number of allocations for the 190 visa category of all states and territories at 12,900 places. However, its Skilled Work Regional Subclass 491 quota has been reduced by the same amount.

To help Tasmania with its unexpectedly high demand for 190 nominations, the Department has also increased its Subclass 190 quota by 150 places, while its 491 quota has been reduced by the same amount.

South Australia also received 300 extra places for Subclass 190 and 500 for Subclass 491. The state currently prioritises skilled migrants with backgrounds in health, ICT, education, engineering, agribusiness and trades, or specialists in hi-tech/digital, health and life sciences, green energy, defence, space and cybersecurity.

“Most of the states are going very slow in terms of nominating people who are offshore. The vast bulk of the people they are nominating are those who are already here because those are the people who can prove, for example, a commitment to the relevant jurisdiction and that they have had a minimum period of working in that jurisdiction,” said Abul Rizvi, the former deputy secretary of the Department of Immigration

The number of intending migrants who received nominations from State and Territory Governments from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023 is as follows:


Subclass 190: 2,025

Subclass 491: 2,025


Subclass 190: 9,106

Subclass 491: 6,168


Subclass 190: 600

Subclass 491: 1,400


Subclass 190: 2,725

Subclass 491: 1,642


Subclass 190: 3,000

Subclass 491: 5,800


Subclass 190: 2,150

Subclass 491: 2,100


Subclass 190: 12,900

Subclass 491: 2,000


Subclass 190: 5,350
Subclass 491: 2,790

Australia continues to accept applications for its skilled visa nomination programs, focusing on occupations that fill critical skills.

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