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Border Update For Temporary Visa Holders

Border Update For Temporary Visa Holders

Australia is getting closer to reaching 80% fully vaccinated, which is the gateway to Australian borders reopening. However, phase one of reopening will still be restricted to Australian citizens and permanent residents only.

Temporary visa holders, including those on 482 or 494 visas, are still not permitted to enter Australia without an approved travel exemption.

If you go home now expecting to be able to return in November – you may be disappointed and stuck offshore for several more months. This will mean your employer has no worker, you have no income, and it may even affect your eligibility for Permanent residency.

Please speak to us first before booking travel home to understand the risks you are taking and to hear how difficult it is to get back to Australia once you leave.

Call us on 08 9463 6624 to discuss your plans and understand the risk so that you and your family can make the best decision with all the right information.

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