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Support available for domestic violence victims regardless of visa status

Support available for domestic violence victims regardless of visa status

Domestic and family violence is unacceptable and is a crime in Australia.

Any behaviour that threatens you, your family, pets or property can be considered domestic and family violence including:

  • physical violence
  • sexual assault
  • verbal or emotional abuse
  • controlling behaviour
  • stalking
  • technology-facilitated abuse
  • financial abuse
  • abuse of the elderly
  • forced isolation or economic deprivation, including dowry-related abuse.

The Australian Government can support victims, including permanent and temporary visa holders in Australia.

For example, if you experience domestic and family violence while applying for a partner visa – you do not need to remain in that abusive relationship in order to stay in Australia.

If your relationship with your sponsor has broken down, you may be able to be considered for the family violence provisions under migration legislation. You may be eligible for a permanent visa if the following apply to you:

You have applied for a:

Or you hold a:


The family violence, or part of it, must have happened while your relationship existed with your sponsor (or alleged perpetrator).

The family violence you have experienced must have been perpetrated by your sponsor.

You can notify the Department of a relationship cessation and gather your documents to be considered for the family violence provisions.

If you have immediate concerns for your safety, the safety of another person, or there is an emergency, dial Triple Zero (000).

To learn more about the step-by-step process on the family violence provisions, visit Family Violence Provisions (


The information provided is for general use only and should NOT be taken as Migration Advice. For information about your circumstances, please contact Milestone Migration for immigration assistance.

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