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Things to know about aviation security screening and your rights at the airport

Things to know about aviation security screening and your rights at the airport

Did you know that Government staff can check your mobile phone and laptop to confirm that there is no unlawful or inappropriate material stored there?

Visitors to Australia have been denied entry due to photos or videos that were stored on their personal devices suggesting that the individual may be a risk to Australia.

Aviation security screening is important to keep all travellers in an aircraft safe and secure.

The required airport security screening in Australia includes a walk-through metal detector, a pat-down search, and a body scanner.

Travellers do not need to worry about body scanners as they do not collect or store any personal information. They will only produce a person’s generic outline and highlight any areas of concern – like an object in a pocket.

Pat-downs will be required if the body scanner or metal detector alarms. You will be asked to consent to it and must be offered to have it done in a private room with utmost care to protect your dignity.

Travellers can refuse pat-downs, but they will not be able to proceed to their flights.

If you feel that the screening process you experienced at a security checkpoint was not appropriate, the Transport Security Coordination Team (TSCT) can assist with your concerns.

You can request to speak with a supervisor at the checkpoint, file a complaint with the airport, or submit your concern to the Department online via

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